Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 6 - only two concerts remaining for the 2013 season

American Patrol, march                                       (F. W. Meachem)

Irish Tune from County Derry               (Percy Aldridge Grainger)

Symphonic Suite from Star Trek 2009                 (arr. Jay Bocook)

March - "El Abanico"                  (A. Javaloyes / arr. J. Ord Hume)


Belle of the Ball, waltz                                        (Leroy Anderson)

Two Irish Sketches                                                     (Dave Black)
      1. Legend of Tully Castle
      2. Dance of the Leprechauns

Places, USA                                                               (Jack Bullock) 

U.S. Field Artillery March                                 (John Philip Sousa)

                                      Jim Huber, directing

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