Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's complete!

The band shell is completed, and we are ready to begin the 103rd season of the Chemical City Band. Mark your calendars for Wednesday June 13, 7:30pm in the newly refurbished Central Park band shell.


John said...

Looks good, but If I recall, didn't the original bandshell also have lighting and a soundsystem installed on it? Will this be done as well on this one?

Jim Huber said...

Lighting is installed in this shell already (hidden under the coves and in high impact enclosures).

The sound system was a part of the original, but was quite a problem in the later years. So, we will continue to use the same sound system we have for the past several years.

Anonymous said...

ssOn behalf of my family, thank you for honoring our father, Lawrence (Larry) Guenther. Dad would be embarassed, but also pleased. Mom would have cried with joy!

I am so sorry none of us could be there for the dedication.

Gloria (Allanya) Guenther

Jim Huber said...

We are honored to remember your father with this naming. It is well deserved, and yes, you are right - he would have not felt worthy. He was a humble man, and a great teacher - one of the pillars upon which the modern music programs (school and community)will always rest.

Best wishes -