Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 4 - An American Celebration

Our "4th of July concert" will take place on Wednesday July 6th! It all starts at 7:30pm in Central Park.

Musical selections will include the following:

American Folk Rhapsody #2 - Clare Grundman
Salute to America's Finest - a medley of military marches
E Pluribus Unum, march - Fred Jewell
Freedom Overture - John Edmondson
Tame the Savage Sea - Elliot del Borgo
Circus Bee, march - Henry Fillmore
The Walking Frog, march - Karl L. King
Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion - P.D.Q Bach
Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa

Please join us for another evening in the 102nd season of the Chemical City Band.

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